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« My 15 years », Netzahualcoyotl, Mexico.
By Franck Courtel.

To turn fifteen in México when you are a young girl is a crucial stage because it symbolizes the passage of adolescence to adulthood. To celebrate this particular moment, tradition wants that the family organizes a great party inviting also friends and neighbors. Even if traditional celebrations linked to the catholic religion tend to disappear, this one is still well anchored specially in rural areas and popular neighborhoods. This is the case for Fabiola who lives in the eastern part of the huge México city, Netzahuacoyotl.
With a lively expression and a half smile, Fabiola is wearing an embroidered dress in pearls as if it was  her wedding day, it seems she lives through something unreal. After months of preparation and savings, the D-day has come and brings at the same time its great emotion and tears. Right before everybody’s eyes,  as many young mexican girls, Fabiola accomplishes her dream and one of her “dance partners” (chambelán) will take her for a waltz.

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