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« Messengers of the king », Nezahualcoyotl, México East suburb.  

By Leica Fotografie International.

The conurbation of Nezahualcoyotl in México city has a sinister reputation. Everyone knows at least one gruesome story about “Neza”. A once famous legend tells the story of revered 15th century King Nezahualcoyotl who, disguised as a poor man, sought to better understand the needs of his people. Today, the government appears to have forgotten about Neza altogether. Instead of a functioning infrastructure with hospitals, schools and shops one finds an oversized disposal ground for unwanted and abandoned items.  The characters who live and work in Neza are said to be dangerous and untrustworthy. When photographer Franck Courtel announced he was going there to take pictures, people said he was insane. “They will kill you and leave you rotting in the garbage !” they cried. But Courtel wouldn’t listen. Like the honourable king long before him, he blended in. Today, he presents us with a powerful photographic series which he titled” Messengers of the King”. 

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